General Construction

Division Scope of Services:

* Removal and Remediation of any Contamination or Hazardous Materials (Waste, Fuel, Gas, Etc.)

* Installation, Removal and Upgrade of Storage Tanks and Their Associated Fueling Systems

* Structural Concrete, Grading, Demolition, Backfill, and Compaction

* Water Pump Stations.

* Water Booster Station.

* Sewer Lift Stations.

* Water and chemical storage tanks.

* Chemical pumping and injection system.

* Water and Offsite Improvements

* Etc.

The Fleming Environmental, Inc. Construction Division is managed by Terry Fleming, Jr. (over fifteen (15) years industry experience) and is skilled in all areas of construction and construction related services.

Our Construction personnel include (but are not limited to) the company’s senior mechanical and piping managers with direct field management responsibilities for all projects involving mechanical and/or piping phases. Our technician’s are also certified by all of the major piping and petroleum tank manufacturers for installation and system configuration and design. We also have personnel that supervise the company’s heavy equipment operation and general maintenance.

Fleming Environmental, Inc. has a proven track record relation to project closure and projects completed throughout our company history. Our ability to site engineer and develop methods meeting construction standards, obtaining regulatory approval, and addressing non-standard project and equipment configurations, have made Fleming Environmental, Inc. of central importance to the range of services that we can offer to our clients.

Our technicians “Take Ownership” of every facility they visit. This means that they Take Pride, Take Responsibility and Get the Job Done Right.